May 31, 2006

quack quack

so this past weekend something cool happened. a project that we've been working on lately has made it's way to Walmart.

the PC game, Ultimate Duck Hunting came out recently. Katie and I worked incredibly hard on the box design and overall packaging. and while we're not entirely finished with this project, we still have a great sense of accomplishment. we're still working on revisions for the next printing run which should happen fairly shortly.
this project has definately kept us on our toes. this is personally my first packaging piece. so needless to say i did quite a bit of research in order for this job to run smoothly. this was also my first piece where embossing was done.
i love being challenged like that. the final product came out looking really great.
so head on out to your local Walmart and pick up a copy of Ultimate Duck Hunting by Mid Carolina Media. and if by some weird chance there isn't a Walmart nearby, there's always eBay!

May 21, 2006


we'll get this section up and running fairly soon.
until then... just imagine.

so what are we going to blog about. well design of course!
it's what we know and love.
from UI design, to architectural design, to logo design and everything in between (and even some that's no between).
so keep checking back for what will hopefully be some very good reads.